6 de January de 2016

Ferran Esquilache Martí

PhD in Medieval History at the University of Valencia
Postdoc researcher at the University of Valencia / University of Granada


Biographical sketch

Born in Valencia in 1980, I took my BA in History at the University of Valencia in 2004. Then I began my doctoral courses in the Department of Medieval History at the same university, which allowed me to get the Diploma in Advanced Studies in 2007 and finally a PhD in History in 2016. My main research interest has always been medieval societies, which I have studied through the agricultural landscape and more specifically through hydraulic spaces. In this regard the initial stages of the building of the Horta de Valencia, its creators and society have been the main focus of my doctoral thesis. But I am also interested in the process of conquest and colonization which took place in the Kingdom of Valencia in the thirteenth century, and in other topics on late medieval and early modern Rural History. I have been adjunct lecturer of Medieval History at the University Jaume I of Castelló de la Plana and the Autonomous University of Barcelona, and Postdoc researcher in the Jaume I University too. I am currently postdoc researcher at the University of Valencia with a Generalitat Valenciana grant, and I carry out a personal research project at the University of Granada.

Research Avenues

  • Hydraulic Archaeology of the large irrigated areas (hortes)
  • Social organization of the Andalusian landscape
  • Feudal Colonization
  • Rural History of Late Middle Ages

Doctoral Thesis

  • Title: «Els espais agraris i l’estructura social d’una gran horta fluvial andalusina. La construcció i evolució de l’Horta de València entre els segles VIII i XIII».
  • Summary: It has been a long time that hydraulic archaeology has proven to be an indispensable methodology for the study of Andalusian society. This thesis intends to apply it in a large fluvial horta of Andalusian origins in order to analyse, from physical structures such as hydraulic systems and settlements, the characteristics of that society, and to see how it evolved over the time before the Christian conquest of the thirteenth century. The research shows that it was a tribal society, as defined by Pierre Guichard over 35 years ago, and that is clearly reflected in the morphology of hydraulic systems and spaces that formed the Huerta of Valencia at that time. The dissertation has also addressed the role of the city of Valencia and the various Andalusian states in the configuration and evolution of that vast suburban hydraulic area.
  • Supervisor: Dr. Enric Guinot Rodríguez
  • Grade: Summa cum laude
  • Pdf: You can read the doctoral thesis here (see “Visualització”)



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